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How to Write a Cover Letter for a Resume

June 12, 2019 17:21 , by Wanda Varley - | No one following this article yet.


Have you ever wondered how to write a cover letter for a resume? A cover letter is an extra opportunity for you to get your message across to your potential employer and introduce information that’s not included in your resume. If you feel like needing a cover letter help, this article is going to help you with the main strategies, formats, and examples.

This article summarizes all you might need to know about cover letter writing. We analyzed all the famous guides issued by Career and Professional Development centers, by best resume help online and cover letter writing services, books edited by professional cover letter writers and testimonials from recruiters. This comprehensive analysis is designed to help you be on top of it during your job search. New useful insights as well as recently rediscovered tips, with some research results, can help you get an interview in the shortest time, and enjoy your application. We’ll start with a short video by Forbes about writing a cover letter for a resume.

Have you ever had this thought coming to your mind “I need help with my resume and cover letter”? You are probably not sure about it. You might think that you would need to pay someone for writing your cover letter? When sending out my application I was never sure if my documents were powerful and convincing. This uneasy feeling about my application led to constant anxiety and uncertainty about the results. That is why I started researching this question and finally decided to write a guide for people like myself - who might need some precious advice while being in their job search.

We want to start the core of our article with some important pieces of advice. We consider that these issues are primordial. They are a lot of tiny details and aspects in cover letter writing - resume and cover letter preparation are two extremely popular career questions, and well-researched fields - but none of them would work unless you work on three of these aspects.

Targeting. You have to know your reader. Just like with every other piece of writing, you have to be aware of a person who will spend time reading your cover letter: what are they searching for? Which of your skills and qualities could persuade them to hire you? How will your knowledge and experience be useful to them? You will never be able to write a good cover letter without knowing their intentions and expectations. It is vital, it is a must.

The bad presentation can spoil good contents. No matter what you have written inside, the first thing the person reading it will pay attention to is the layout of your cover letter, the font, and the formatting. This first impression will also influence the way the core contents of your cover letter will be received.

Extremes are harmful. Keep everything to the middle. An overly formalistic cover letter is as bad as an overly familiar. The main purpose of a cover letter is to show to your employer that you are really interested in getting the job and that you are one of the best candidates. Only mention the aspects your future employer or recruiter will need to know about you. Your cover letter should convince the person to invite you for an interview and therefore it should be kept friendly but not generic.

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