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Sports Smash

April 28, 2020 22:49 , by Teler Tabis - | No one following this article yet.
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Sports Smash and Jigsaw Review

Sports Smash and Jigsaw are a fun and addicting puzzle game that's perfect for all ages. It's an exciting little game that appeals to both the young and the old with its unique take on the classic puzzle genre. It doesn't matter if you're playing it alone or with a friend, you'll find that everyone can enjoy it to a certain degree logiclub.


As you probably already know, the main goal of this game is to maneuver three different objects on the board, each while avoiding hazards. While the main objective may be simple, it's actually a challenge as well. Depending on which type of character you choose to play as, you'll have a number of different obstacles to contend with. In some cases, you'll be able to take care of those obstacles by just playing the levels themselves nova88.


When you first start the game, you'll be presented with the standard view of the board. You'll see a solid black or green line, which marks your path. If you're playing as one of the Jigsaw characters, you'll be able to move along these lines. However, other characters will require you to navigate a path which includes the use of both directions, as well as an upward and downward angle.


Each level consists of four blocks, with the last block containing a power-up. While the power-ups are nice, they aren't required to win the game, so it's possible to earn the required number of points without ever using the item.


While you're completing a level, the first thing you'll notice is that there's a clear way for you to get back to the starting point. You don't have to go around using the colored line to make your way through the level. There's also a counter on each block which keeps track of how far you've gone.


This feature allows you to quickly identify which pieces you're going to need to work with. For example, if you want to get to the top-left corner, you'll have to reach an area with a dotted line. At this point, you can try moving your piece around until you've gotten to the right spot, or you can just continue through the level.


While this is a standard solution for the majority of puzzle games, it's actually very easy to get bogged down with. The best way to beat these types of games is to know which moves are going to be effective and which ones aren't.


Sports Smash and Jigsaw provide a very fun game that any player will find a little bit challenging at times. It's great for fans of the classic puzzle genre as well as gamers who like a good challenge.

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