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Why Every Business Needs a Website: Social Media and E-Commerce Just Not Enough

January 22, 2020 8:04 , by Stella Carter - 0no comments yet | No one following this article yet.
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It’s amazing how many businesses in 2020 still haven’t gotten around to building a website. Yes, we’re all busy and it’s on the to-do list while we pay attention to more important things. But, have you considered the fact that by delaying or skipping the website, you are losing potential customers every day? Even if you do your best by maintaining your presence on social media by displaying your products or services, you are still missing out. Startups and small businesses usually decide that their budget or time is too limited for a website, so they rely on Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram or run sales through Amazon, eBay or Alibaba.


There are many drawbacks to this approach which include:

1. You don’t control your content or the platform

Selling can be difficult to visitors since it is hard to include options such as “buy now” or “contact us” to make a sale.

2. Searching is comparatively difficult

Without a website, prospects might have difficulty in finding your business. Ecommerce and social media platforms have effective internal search engines, but their content hardly shows up on Google.

3. You do not make the policies or have any control in them

Every platform restricts the kind of content you can publish or how you can deliver it to prospects. Plus, they can even charge you just to get people to see it.

4. You’re just another profile on the platform

There are very little chances of standing out on social media and sales platforms. With a website, you are all there is and you have the freedom to include everything about yourself, products and services. So, there are no branding restrictions apart from the one you set for yourself.

5. Analytics are insufficient

While some platforms give you basic analytics, it’s very difficult to track and measure conversions from visits to sales. You cannot accurately measure the behavior of visitors on your site or the whole purchase process.

6. People will not take your business seriously

In the modern business world, consumers expect businesses to have a website where they can learn about what you do and get all the required information on a single platform. With relevant information, they can contact you or buy your products. In fact, according to AMA (America Marketing Association), over 50 percent of consumers look for a website to learn more about a business.

  Luciano de sa obwmzbdewdi unsplash


So, now you see the picture clearly, it is time to get a custom website design and make an impact on the market. Some of the more immediate benefits you will see from setting up your business website are as follows;

1. All of your important business information is in one place.

Businesses want to make it easy for customers to find them know how to get in touch. Depending on the type of business you operate, you should include business location, contact information and operating hours. Restaurants, for example, can include menus. Colleges can include their programs and fee structure as well. A website design service can include their portfolio and pricing on their page.

2. Gives you comparatively cheaper marketing opportunities.

Thanks to search engine optimization, your potential customers might find you using Google. You’ll be able to include your website in all your marketing strategies, including offline and online ads, social media and stationery.

3. Allows you to communicate with clients and customers.

You can share updates on your website, including season offers and launch of new products or services. If you include a blog, you can share industry news, testimonials, best practices, related articles and much more. You can create your own polices and terms of use along with frequently asked questions, reducing the number of calls and emails with repetitive questions.


Many businesses choose get even more out of their websites, allowing them to expand their reach and bring in new prospects. What you include on your website is only limited by your own imagination. Make your business brand stand out so your customers know they’re in excellent hands.


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