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Why ecommerce Sellers consider it important to customize the Packaging

June 26, 2020 19:48 , by Sophia Daisy - 0no comments yet | No one following this article yet.
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Custom boxes

Custom Boxes - Dnpackaging

Boxes are no longer used for protecting product by e-commerce site but they are using them for advancing the consumer’s experience for their brand. Do you want to grow your business? Then it’s time to concentrate on customizing your packaging. It is the best opportunity for you to delight your consumer, engage a loyal client base, and enhance your marketing.

What is customized packaging?

The main purpose of Customized packaging is products presentation. It would provide additional value to the customer by creating an unboxing experience that reflects your brand.

What are the benefits of customized packaging?

Are you E-commerce merchants and looking for the opportunity to delight your customers and to create an experience that reflects your brand?

With custom boxes you can easily create an in-store experience and allows your brand to stand out amongst your competitors.  Additionally, it would encourage customers to keep purchasing from you and you can easily deliver your product in premium packaging to enhance the unboxing experience and also improve your brand credibility.


Benefits summary:
· Creates a memorable experience
· Encourages repeat customers and brand loyalty
· Boosts social proof and brand awareness
· Enhances credibility

How do high volume sellers customize packaging?


The first thing you want to consider when creating perfect unboxing experience is its shareability. After seeing the box, what kind of pictures will they take? Will your customer will be surprised and excited after opening the box and he concentrate on the inside presentation? There are two key areas that will help you to focus on shareability: shipping box and promotional materials.

Shipping box

Custom boxes are the first impression with your brand. You can slightly decorate the box can to give a more professional and credible appearance to the product. If you want people to share your brand, you want to focus on gorgeous boxes. Remember that the look of your box directly impacts brand awareness.


Ideally, the perfect box should match the look and feel of your brand. You might want to consider colored or custom box. Keep in mind that if you have an eco-friendly brand, you might want to opt for recycled paper or other “unwrapping” package inserts.

Cut costs, not quality

You may know the value of providing a professional and exciting unboxing experience to your customers. As a highest volume e-commerce sellers you should know that unboxing will get you more sales, but don’t get more sales at low margins.

The most effective way to create custom packaging within your budget is to talk to an expert directly. They would help you build the perfect unboxing experience according to your finances options.


Customized packaging shows your customers that you care about their experience, encourages repeat customers, brand loyalty, social sharing, brand awareness, and business credibility to grow your business. It would also make your business reach the heights of success, attract customers towards your product and create a brand image that will stand out from the business competitors.


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