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Tips to Improve Speed Writing

June 12, 2019 15:42 , by Myrna Brownell - | No one following this article yet.

In general cases, people are asked to write slowly, so that there would be minimum to minimum mistakes. Teachers always advice students to not to write in a hurry, to avoid silly mistakes. But there are certain situations, where speed writing is the only solution. For instance, a reporter, who has to write a speech giving by any important person in real time, couldn’t afford to be slow. He or she has to write with a great pace, in order to not to miss any part of the speech.

Steno writing could be handy in the above mentioned scenario; but for some reasons or other, the steno writing is losing its popularity and speed writing is gaining popularity. However, speed writing is an art and it is an art, which is difficult to be mastered. A perfect speed writer has to write flawless and that to within a very short span of time.

Generally speed writers are required in the media companies. However, now other companies are also hiring speed writers for various purposes. The increasing demand for speed writers has give rise to a new profession. More and more students are also getting attracted towards pay for homework and this job as the salary offered for speed writers is handsome. Apart from that there are some entrance examinations, where one has to give answers to many questions within a very short period of time. In those examinations, one has to also write at a considerable speed and at the same time has to write perfectly. If you want to be a speed writer, then you have to master the skill of speed writing and try to get as close as possible to the perfection. Below, you will find some skills to attain perfection in speed writing.

You should have a great command over the language in which you want to practice speed writing. Writing is a different thing and understanding of language is another thing; but without having knowledge in a particular language, you can’t write perfectly, speed writing is far away. In fact, you should have a rich vocabulary bank. The richer your vocabulary bank is, the better would be the speed at the time of writing.

Writing speed can be increased with practicing. No one even knows how to write at the beginning; so, the more you write, the better would be your speed. In order to increase the speed, if you write wrongly, then there would be no meaning in that writing.

You have to give a special eye to the correctness at the time of writing also.
Your writing fingers have to be super flexible, in order to write with a great speed. You can go for some exercise for those two fingers to make them more flexible.
You are bound to make mistake, if you do speed writing. You can only try to minimize that but can’t eradicate that completely; so, you should proofread your writings before submitting for the final purpose, if you have time in your hand.

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