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Dissertation writing tips

December 26, 2019 15:39 , by Luis Brown - | No one following this article yet.

When writing a dissertation, you can focus on state standards and the requirements of your dissertation council. In case of discrepancy, it is better to give preference to the latter.


 According to the specified standard, desserts should include the following:


  • cover with the necessary output;
  • text containing:
  • general characteristics of the dissertation;
  • the main content of the whole work;
  • conclusion;
  • list of own publications on the topic of the dissertation.
  • Consider each item in more detail.


What they write on the cover of the dissertation

On the front side you must reflect the following data:


  • the status of the document (in the right corner with a capital letter they write “On the Rights of the Manuscript”);
  • Name of the author of the dissertation;
  • title of the dissertation;
  • the name of the specialty along with its code;
  • branch of science and academic degree claimed by the applicant;
  • information about the place and date of writing the dissertation (city and year).
  • On the back of the cover indicate:

  • the name of the organization in which the applicant wrote a dissertation;
  • data on the supervisor and consultant (if any): full name, academic degree and rank;
  • information about the appointed opponents (name, academic degree and rank, place of work, position);
  • name of lead organization;
  • information about upcoming protection (date and time must be specified);
  • information about the dissertation council: council code, name and address of the organization to which it relates;
  • a place where people can get acquainted with the dissertation before the date of its defense (library, website);
  • date of the dissertation;
  • Name of the Secretary of the Dissertation Council.

Keep in mind that the lack of a dissertation is considered as missing data on the cover, as well as redundant. For example, it is not necessary to indicate in the dissertation that opponents are honored figures of this and that. It is much more important to indicate the place of their work. For examples of the designed cover, see the article "How to Design the Title Page of a dissertation for a dissertation."


How to make a text dissertation


General characteristics. 


This section is similar to the introduction of the dissertation itself. It needs to explain why the topic of the dissertation research is relevant, how developed it is, determine the goals and objectives of the study, indicate the scientific novelty, the significance of the work, consider the methods that were used in the study, designate the positions to be defended, note how reliable the study is, talk about testing the results.


When designing this part of the dissertation, it is very important to comply with the proportionality of the presentation (for more on the shortcomings of the dissertation in the article "The concept of the dissertation of the dissertation"). This means that you should not have half of the volume allocated for the entire dissertation, go to the general description. For this, it is worth removing from the text all lengthy reasoning and wording.

The main content of the work. 

Here, the contents of all sections of the dissertation should be briefly conveyed, with emphasis on personal contribution to the study of the problem. This part also should not have any long descriptions and explanations, bulky tables or graphs. Be very careful in this part with plagiarism. It would be great if you'll look for information about what types of plagiarism exist. The latter should be included only if without them it is impossible to fully convey the basic ideas of work.



 In this section, the dissertation is necessary to summarize the research, give recommendations and describe what are the prospects for developing the topic under study. However, take it very carefully, since the conclusion is paid close attention to, and the errors in it are very striking. The most common of them are superficial findings; conclusions that are in no way supported by research; Inconsistency of conclusions with the results.



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