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Intertwining Histories


Intertwining Histories

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Un/Chrono/Logical Timeline - PDF

January 7, 2019 14:47 , by Maja Renn - 0no comments yet | No one following this article yet.
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The Un/Chrono/Logical Timeline is an educational tool developed for the intertwining hi/stories cluster. The Timeline includes a set of un-foldable cards and an instruction of use. When activated, it encourages participants to look for new ways of representing history of arts education around the world. Instead of organizing history in a customary chronological order, the Timeline attempts to create connections between often seemingly remote (both in terms of time and geographical location) events, figures, publications, artifacts, etc. It invites to learn, construct, deconstruct, criticize and question history in a playful, participatory way.
Contents of the Un/Chrono/Logical Timeline were contributed by several Working Groups of the Cluster. Each card contains abstract information referring to one fragment of each Group’s research. The concentrated form allows for immediate access and quick inside into the subject. Keywords on cards invite to identify connections not only between existing cards but also with one own’s research and experience. Concept, design and layout are a result of a collective thinking process, implemented by Maja Renn in collaboration with microsillons. The first public activation of the Timeline took place during the intertwining hi/stories of arts education symposium in Zürich in June 2018 (→ see some of the results here).

The Timeline is available to download and use free of charge: 

The «Timeline» is designed to be activated in many different ways - as a starting point you can use keywords, dates, questions, image, ... . Please feel free to experiment. Our own suggestions on how the Un/Chrono/Logical Timeline can be activated will be published soon.

We would love to hear your feedback! Please use the comment section to get in touch.

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