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Intertwining Histories


Intertwining Histories

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Lesotho's Journey in Literature: Tracing the Topography of Lesotho's Literary Landscape

The story is a recount of the origins of Sesotho orthography as influenced by Swiss French missionaries and the state of the language past and present.



Lineo Segoete is a human Bobcat who engages in various forms of storytelling including writing, research and photography. Her restlessness makes her a wanderer of places and the head spaces of other Homo sapiens. Her curiosity makes her a lifelong scholar who likes love and beautiful things but is also a cynic and questioner of things. She is co-founder and co-director of Ba re e ne re Literary Arts, the first literary arts organisation of its kind in the Kingdom of Lesotho as well as a 2016/2017 Hubert H. Humphrey Fellow from Vanderbilt University in the US of A.


The Storytelling Sessions took place within the Intertwining Hi/Stories Arts Education Festival in Vienna in October 2017. Download the full festival programme here.

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