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Intertwining Histories


Intertwining Histories

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Meeting in Huye, Rwanda - August 2018

September 1, 2018 14:26 , by Maja Renn - 2020 comments | No one following this article yet.
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In August 2018 delegates of all working groups of Another Roadmap School gathered for one week at the building of the currently shut down Faculty of Media, Arts and Technology (NSPA) in Huye, Rwanda.

The gathering gave the intertwining hi/stories cluster an opportunity to share results of their interconnected researches with other clusters. Throughout the meeting participants and guests contributed to the exhibition, making it grow and evolve as the week unfolded. The week started with a participatory activation of the Un/Chrono/Logical Timeline, results of which remained in the main space throughout and beyond the meeting time. Learning Units were also displayed in the room, offering extended information related to cards of the Timeline and other exhibited materials. Exhibition spaces were enlivened in a parkour mode with lectures, workshops and discussions offered by representants of working groups.

During several working sessions participants of the meeting exchanged valuable feedbacks on Learning Units, discussed the new website, made plans for the future organization of the network, contemplated the ethics of living and working together, expressed ideas for more fluent future communication, produced and exchanged knowledges, (…).

As part of the public programe the Nyanza working group, who kindly hosted the meeting, offered a conference «École du soir» on intersection of art and philosophy. Each long day of the meeting was concluded with a precious little piece of the local culture - a concert, a performance or a film screening.

See the full programme here.


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