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Un-doing Institutions_Open call Glossary 2018

April 9, 2018 14:05 , by Alejandro Cevallos N - 1One comment | No one following this article yet.
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un doing institutions_open call glossary


Does "your" institution have a relationship with social movements? If yes, what?

How can the communities or the population move the structures of the institutions (educational and / or cultural)? What examples / experiences do you have of participation or popular education in consolidated institutions?

This glossary section intends to bring to a same ground the two main subjects we had propose ourselves to investigate so far: popular education and institutions, in relation to some specific geopolitical arrangement. Considering some previous discussions we had, the idea of ‘un-doingness’ does not only call our attention to dichotomized dynamics of domination and resistance – that places institutions as vertical structures representing power, in opposition to more horizontal social movements or activisms –, but also to places of reproduction and transformation, conflicts and dialogue, interaction and learning, in relation to which the positionalities of multiple agents have to be permanently discussed. In relation to that, some other issues might have appeared from the answers collected to a previous questionnaire. 

Work schedule.

April 7

open convocatory

Up to april 28th

Registration of participants, sending an email to alejandro.cevallos.n@gmail.com or sending a message in Colivre

until May 14

Prepare and share a short text (minimum two pages, maximum 4 pages) that works on the questions of this call and presents cases or experiences that you consider relevant in your local context to discuss the issues raised by this call.

Thursday, May 24 10h00 (Quito time) / 16h00 (Central European time)

Skype session

The registered work groups will hold a virtual work session (via Skype) to present their dissertations. Each group has approximately 20 minutes of intervention.

more information

please see the attached call document

e-mail: alejandro.cevallos.n@gmail.com

Skype: alejandro.cevallos.n

un doing institutions_open call glossary

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