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May 18, 2017 12:31 , by Maja Renn - 1One comment | No one following this article yet.
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Convocatoria archivo popular


The notion of “popular” is not so recognized by its origin in the “impoverished social classes” or its relation with local traditions, it is rather defined by its antagonistic position against what we call hegemonic. From this perspective, “popular” comprises a field of political action, production of meaning and resignification in which we fight for recognition with those who are in power.

Between domination and vindication, the notion of "popular" is useful for dismantling the essentialist and static look upon which subalternity has been constructed. From this definition, a series of specific definitions have been set such as: popular education, popular art, or popular communication. We can say that the shared interest among them is the adoption of political principles, methodologies, and resources to achieve the empowerment of the popular classes.

In this sense, what exactly does it mean that an archive has a "popular" character? What criteria does come into play for its creation? Why is it useful? How does it relate to the social agents and their struggles?

This new session of glossary aims at reviewing the notion of "popular archive " through concrete case studies or local experiences. We are interested in understanding the context in which the notion has emerged, the relationships and aspirations that have contributed to its creation, as well as how it has been managed and spread, or what kind of strategies have been adopted to
access other ways to read the history of peoples.


Information about how to participate in the glossary session “Popular Archive”


From 15th May to 29th May

Open call and registration of working groups.
Register by sending an email to:


Up to 5th June

Working groups should send an online video (YouTube) between
6 and 10 minutes’ length. This video should contain the main
points of the group’s dissertation.

A reference to this methodology can be found in the previous
Glossary Session “Educational Turn”: http://colivre.net/anotherroadmap/
a-multivocal-glossary-of-arts- educationun-glosariomultivocal-
de-educacion-artistica/-3- educational-turn

15th June 11:30 (Quito local time) / 18:30 (Central European Time)
The registered working groups will have a virtual work session (via


Up to June 22nd

After the virtual session (Skype) each participant group is committed to
send a written summary of its dissertation, with the main arguments,
references, and reflections. The texts should be three pages long, they
must be between 1500 and 2000 words.

If you have any additional questions, comments, or suggestions, you
can contact, Alejandro Cevallos, member of the Working Group Quito
muro colivre.net another roadmap school:

Alejandro Cevallos N
e-mail: alejandro.cevallos.n@gmail.com
Skype: alejandro.cevallos.n


Please see the complete open call below: 




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