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decolonizing curriculum / GLOSSARY

July 19, 2017 15:31 , by Alejandro Cevallos N - 0no comments yet | No one following this article yet.
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¿How can we decolonize the curriculum? ¿What curriculum do we decolonize?

How has the art education curriculum been developed historically in your area? Can we get evidence on the actions trying to consent and naturalize such curriculum?

In this glossary session we want to discuss from a different approach the following: what would it

suppose to “decolonize” the curriculum in different contexts?

We understand that colonization involves processes that shape knowledge and how we get to know, crossing our ways of being, thinking, and feeling. Furthermore, such processes adopt different forms in terms of the place they occupy, the control over human bodies, and the exploitation of matters. The question is: How can we decolonize curriculum to imagine a decolonizing process that responds to multiple and different colonial processes?

Can we refer to local experiences (particular cases) that have achieved the curriculum deconstruction through the inclusion of knowledge, ways of doing, and memories that come from popular classes and their ways of reproducing life?



From July 17 to July 29

Open Call and registrations of the working groups.
To register, write a message to “Muro Interno del Another Roadmap School” in COLIVRE, or send an e-mail to alejandro.cevallos.n@gmail.com

Only four groups will be registered for this Glossary Session.

Until August 11

The registered working groups will send a summary of the presentation. A 10-minute video should be uploaded to YouTube (it’s a way of sharing a preview of the main points of the discussion so the Skype session will be more productive).

You can see a reference of this methodology in the previous session of the Glossary “Educational Turn” http://colivre.net/another-roadmap/a-multivocal-glossary-of-arts- educationun-glosario- multivocal-de-educacion-artistica/-3- educational-turn

August 17, 10h00 (Quito) / 16h00 (Central Europe)
The registered working groups will have a virtual session (Skype) to present their thesis. Each

group has 25 minutes to do so.

Until August 24

After the virtual session (Skype) each group is committed to send a written summary of the main arguments, references, and reflections. The texts cannot exceed 3 pages, between 1000 and 15000 words.

To finish, the Working Group Quito translates and publishes the results. You will receive more information at the moment of your registration. If you have more questions, comments or suggestions, please contact Alejandro Cevallos, member of the working group Quito.

muro colivre.net another roadmap school: Alejandro Cevallos N e-mail: alejandro.cevallos.n@gmail.com
Skype: alejandro.cevallos.n

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