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Call for research contributions: Paulo Freire: receptions and responses in Art Education

August 14, 2017 10:40 , by Nora Landkammer - 0no comments yet | No one following this article yet.
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We invite all members of the Another Roadmap for Arts Education to take part in a transversal research of the Histories Cluster on histories of critical thought in Art Education following the travels of Paulo Freire’s pedagogical concepts and their local uses and responses.

We call for your contributions on the following questions for your local context:

  • Histories of reception: Was there a reception of Freire in Art/Education (art education in a broad sense) in your context? When/how were Freire’s texts read (are there translations?)? Which kind of artistic/educational practices were connected to that?
  • Responses and correspondences: What were local answers, figures, pedagogical traditions or new practices that responded to it or “corresponded” with a pedagogy of the oppressed? Which were/are contradictions or problematics of reading Freire’s ideas in art/education in your context?
  • Contemporary engagements: what’s the point (if any) of re-engaging Freire today in art education in your context?

Contributions can answer one or several of these questions.

Form: Contributions should contain a) historical or empirical sources, b) your interpretation in a “letter”. The focus is not on an “overview”, but on a detailed exploration of interesting examples.

  1. a) historical or empirical sources: this could be an extracts from a publication, an image, information and material about persons, organizations or projects, an interview with an educator (written or in video or audio)
  2. b) letter: we want to take up the letter as a form of communication about the research and a pedagogical form used also by Freire. You can adress the letter to whom you want to direct your interpretation to – to us, to educators in other contexts, to yourself, to Paulo Freire…. It can also be several letters. It can be electronical ;-)

We plan this as transversal research also with the aim of uniting existing work by research groups in the network. If you have related research, but not in the format described above, we can find the appropriate form, let me know.

There is a honorarium of 300 CHF for a contribution.  There can be additional funds made available if necessary for small translations (of document extracts or videointerview subtitles). We hope for your participation! Please let me know whether you want to make a contribution by august 21, 2017.

The deadline for sending the contribution to the research is September 15, 2017.

For the Geneva/Zurich team,



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