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Top 5 mistakes novice cleaning people make

January 18, 2021 10:39 , by Hen Bro - | No one following this article yet.


A beginner is both the one who cleans up for the first time and the one who makes the same "strategic" mistakes and putting things in order becomes a punishment. A beginner can be either a five-year-old toddler or an experienced housewife. Below we will look at the main mistakes in maintaining cleanliness that betray a newbie in you.

  • Irrational approach.

We all want to spend as little time as possible keeping our home clean. Therefore, if you really decide to clean up, then certainly on the general, so that everything at once and will last for a long time! As a result, while washing the bathtub, we notice how dirty the floor is and rush to wash it. The bathtub remains unwashed, because after cleaning the floor, the idea came to mind to wipe dust everywhere. A lot of effort has been spent, the result is poor. Cleaning of carpets in the house is sometimes especially difficult. This is why many are turning to cleaning companies such as LifeCleanToday https://www.livecleantoday.com/spo/regions/post-falls-20/carpet-cleaning . After all, professionals can clean carpets in your home in the best way.

The cleaner does not make any planning mistakes. He is familiar with strict consistency, which professional ethics does not allow to deviate from. Careful attention to the stages of cleaning is the key to its effectiveness. If you do general cleaning, first wipe the walls and ceiling (after all, dust is everywhere), wash the windows. Then, proceed to cleaning all the items that are on the floor, and only at the end - wash the floor.

  • I am myself!

If you think of cleaning as a complete substitute for fitness, then general cleaning alone is a great idea! If this is more of a responsibility for you, ask friends or family to help you.
Cleaners also resort to this when the volume of work becomes larger or when cleaning is required urgently. Only they are not helped by relatives, but by colleagues. Everyone gets a task, and the work gets done.

  • Let's start, and then how it goes!

There is nothing worse than wasted time. In order for cleaning to be effective, and you are not distracted by trifles, set yourself a time frame and try to keep within them. So, you immediately take control of cleaning and do not occupy it all day.

Cleaners are trained in the basics of time management. They do not allow themselves to be dispersed into idle conversations, as they are accustomed to working in harsh conditions of limited time.

If you are constantly distracted and the cleaning takes an entire day, you might want to do one small task every day to keep it clean. Our brain is designed in such a way that it is afraid of everything big and huge. Therefore, the task "Disassemble the wardrobe" is perceived intimidating, but "Disassemble the first shelf" is completely doable. You will soon find that your efforts have a cumulative effect that you only have to maintain.

  • All means are good!

Household chemicals are what cleaners are taught to handle correctly. And, believe me, if a universal detergent “for everything” existed, it would have long been in its arsenal.

For any surface and each type of pollution, there are special products that pursue different goals: to give shine, remove carbon deposits, wash the stain, polish, refresh the color ... be careful and adhere to general recommendations.
Do not use abrasives on glossy surfaces or acids on chrome-plated products. Read the instructions carefully, and if you still have questions, entrust the care of your favorite thing to a professional.

  • Experience is our everything

If cleaning, due to different circumstances, is unusual for you, or you feel that you are doing something wrong from time to time, ask someone more experienced for help. This could be your roommate, girlfriend, mom, or cleaner. At first, you can just copy all their manipulations and the order of actions, and later you will understand in which rhythm it is more convenient for you to work. And from the cleaner you will most likely also learn a couple of professional secrets that will take your cleaning to another level.

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