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Is there an Uber for Shipping your cargo?

May 18, 2020 7:54 , by Winston Zander - | No one following this article yet.

Uber has changed the way how people move from place A to place B. Whether their customers are visiting out of the town or looking for a safer way to reach home after the late-night party, I mean whatever the situation is, Uber has become a part of the majority of lives.

Shipping your cargo could be a time-consuming, difficult, and tedious process before but with the introduction of Uber into this market, now we get to see innovative options for quoting and shipping items. Uber Freight was created to help the shipping carriers book loads more easily.

We, at GoAppX, have developed numerous mobile applications for various clients who are plying their trade in taxi-booking, eCommerce, Movie booking application, on-demand services, etc.

Let me take you through how will our Uber for Shipping application look like;

What if you wanna ship a product from A to B?

This is how the Customers panel of our application looks like;

1) After installing the application, you need to sign up

2) Receive quotes by posting delivery details

3) You can compare and book the carrier for your shipment

4) Select time duration, service type, Transportation mode, Vehicle type, etc.

5) Add funds on your in-app wallet

6) The funds will be released to the carrier once the delivery is done

What if you’re a startup in this shipping business?

Develop an Uber for Shipping like mobile application with GoAppX and enhance your business. This is how the Admin panel of our application looks like;

1) Access information about the carrier/transporter

2) You can manage deliveries

3) Track the carrier and the shipment

4) Edit the commission percentage

5) Manage and respond the incoming messages in the message panel

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