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Know What is Website Spam Score? Why It Increase and How to Reduce It!!

December 26, 2019 11:33 , by Chris Hemsworth - | No one following this article yet.

The spam score is a sub-domain-level metric that is ideal to test the trustworthiness of a website. It is graded on a scale of zero to seventeen. The lower the grade, the best & trustworthy a website is. The spam score helps to determine a website that it is good or not. This score is not only checked by the business owners but in this digital & advanced era, it is noticed by many people. People even check the spam score of a website before availing the SEO services from that other website.

People are smart nowadays and they only visit and work with a website that is reliable. For checking the reliability of a website, people like digital marketers, bloggers, content creators, and others do check the spam score of a website. It is a must-do process for you as well before collaborating or working with any other website. After all, no one wants to work with spammy websites. If you are also thinking to link your website to another website, then first check out the spammy score of that website. If that website has a less spammy score, then it is good for you to work with it.

Let’ see from out of the 17 metrics of spam score, up to which metric a website is considered good or worst.

  • 0-4 spam flags: Your website is fine.
  • 5-7 spam flags: Your website is taking a turn into the trouble.
  • 8-17 spam flags: The risk of penalty is extremely high.

How to check Spam score of your website: -

Checking a spam score is just a simple and few step process. You can use the spam score checker for it. It is a unique tool that would represent all the significant spam score metric to you that even with the proper warning. It would give you the hint which kind of risk your website may face with a particular spam score.

Reason why spam score increase: -

Sometimes you didn't check the domain and page authority of a website with which you build the backlinks. And, you submit your website on low page and domain authority websites. These websites may be spam listed and hence the spam score of your website also increases. When it increases more than 5-6 grade out of 17, then Google penalizes your website. This brings your website rank down and even your powerful SEO and backlinks not be able to rank your website.

How to reduce or fix spam score: -

For reducing the spam score of a website, first, you need to go to Google for searching the Spam score. After knowing your spam score, you have to create the Gmail accounts as many you want. Then make a complete list of the spam back-links in Notepad and save the file with the .txt format. In the end, you need to upload that .txt file in the Disavow links.

Things which would help to lower down the spam of a website: -

  • Create a text version
  • Eliminate the spam sensitive phrases & words
  • Don't end your Gmail address with a name and don't start it with digits.
  • Avoid the URL inside hyperlinks
  • The effective and proper subject line
  • The short image name is better
  • Remove unnecessary HTML

Hope this blog would make you understand all about the spam score of the website. In addition to this, if you are looking to avail of the cheap SEO services for increasing your website rank, and then visit our website. You would get affordable SEO services and guaranteed results.

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