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Combine Codeine and Paracetamol for Enhanced Levels of Pain Relief

March 30, 2020 5:57 , by Codeine UK - | No one following this article yet.

If you have suffered from intense pain in the past, you probably have used many over the counter painkillers to treat it, but how often are you satisfied with the results? If you want more out of your over the counter painkillers you should try combining them with the more reliable and compatible codeine medications to experience a significantly higher degree of pain relief.

How Does Codeine Work and What Are the Codeine Effects?

If you have used codeine before then you surely would have noticed the bulk of your pain being relinquished. This happens due to the active codeine binding to the opioid receptors within your brain in order to nullify your physical and emotional responses of pain. While this is extremely useful for dealing with pain, these codeine effects can have some other uses as well.

Due to the significant relief that you would experience throughout your whole body, you can also use codeine for the relief of severe coughing symptoms, the shortness of breath which is also known as dyspnoea and even diarrhoea.

Other codeine effects include sleep inducing effects which are especially useful when you need sufficient rest in order to recovery effectively. Usually when dealing with bouts of intense pain, you can find it very difficult to enter or stay asleep which is why these sleep inducing codeine effects can work wonders for your sleep cycle.

How Does Codeine and Paracetamol Work Together?

You may have used paracetamol for mild pains in the past such as headaches, but by combining codeine and paracetamol you can treat even the most severe of pains. This is because the two medications complement each other extremely well and work in unison to provide you with pain relief much greater than either of the two would have provided alone.

You can also use many other over the counter painkiller to combine with codeine, however codeine and paracetamol seems to be one of the most effective and commonly used combinations. Due to this compatibility between the two medications, chemists have also created a single tablet which combines the two medications into one.

This codeine and paracetamol infused medication is known as co codamol which is extremely popular due to its potent pain relief and you can even take it a step further by using co codamol with additional over the counter painkillers (excluding paracetamol) for an even greater level of pain relief should you need it.

If you suffer from pain on a regular basis, it is important that you can constantly treat it in order to maintain your physical and mental health which is why an affordable source of codeine medication is needed.

Why You Should Try an Online Pharmacy to Buy Codeine

Thankfully our leading online pharmacy offers some of the best prices on codeine medications to ensure that you can treat your pain even with the tightest of budgets. Make use of all the great codeine effects while paying as little as possible when you shop with us.


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