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diciembre 26, 2018 11:09 , por della rossa - | No one following this article yet.

Domino ceme online is a game that was launched in 2015, a game bet on which a player and city. The card used in this game is a domino card measuring 3 × 5 cm which has a circle that replaces the number, this game is the same as the Bandar Ceme because of the similarity of the game. This game is not difficult to play if you already know how to play the correct domino ceme. The ceme domino game requires a player to become Situs Poker Online Asia, following the explanation as ceme player and ceme city as follows:

Become a Domino Ceme Player

  • Define seating.
  • Put the smallest bet first.
  • If you lost in the first bet then try to increase your bet amount to double.
  • When winning then return the bet with the amount of normal / small.
  • Limit play time so as not to suffer big losses.

Become Domino Ceme Town

  • First sit down on a small table first, then look at the nice or bad card you get.
  • If the card you get is a good card then move on to the big table.
  • Stay in town if your card is always good.
  • Switch if you do not feel lucky with your place of residence.

How to Play Domino Ceme

  • Play ceme using 28 cards that can be played 2 to 8 people and one of them should be a city.
  • Each player will get 2 cards to play and from 2 cards that will determine the winner.
  • After getting the 2 cards, we only need to calculate the number of circles in the card. The first card example has 6 circles and the second card 6 circles then summed up like 6 + 6 = 12.
  • If the number is 12, then the number we see is the back figure of 2.
  • The value of 9 in this game is the highest number that can beat the city.

Tips for Playing Ceme

  • Search for trusted bookies by looking at the website, so you can find a trusted bookie. A trusted city will certainly provide a website that is easy to access.
  • For the beginning of playing ceme, fill in a deposit with a small amount first because a trusted bookie will not give players a deposit with a high amount. Making a deposit with a trusted dealer is very cheap and you have to be careful about the deposit to avoid mistakes.
  • With the live chat feature available 24 hours you can use it to communicate directly with dealer agents and get a quick response from the agent.
  • By using live chat to communicate with the agent and get a positive and professional response from the agent, of course the agent has gained much trust from each member who has joined the agent. Member satisfaction will make the agent fully trustworthy.
  • Pay attention to the terms and conditions of a trusted city website, which of course will not harm the members, because the terms and conditions applied are very reasonable and certainly can help the members who want to join feel the comfort provided by the dealer.

That is the information we can give to all of you from the Poker IDNplay, hopefully with this article you can all learn Domino Ceme Online correctly. And vist link bottom to detail information :

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