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How Should Punctuality be made an Important Part of Children’s Lives?

January 26, 2019 11:09 , by Victoria Carson - | No one following this article yet.

Children many a times do not realise the true value of time, so they lack punctuality which leads to a stressed and tensed life. How can they be made habitual of being on time is discussed in the following article.


Punctuality means being on time. It is such a quality which is mostly ignored by students because they do not realise the true value of time. They mostly waste the precious moments thinking that there is enough time to do a task or assignment, but mostly ends regretting. Why? Because they did not show respect towards time, and if you do not respect it, time will never give you another opportunity. Once a moment gone, is gone forever, it can not be returned, as time waits for none. It is us who are responsible if the time passes by.

Punctuality can be made a part of one’s life in early stages, because habits that are developed earlier in life are mostly permanent. When a person grows up, he will not have to be worried about his tasks if he values times.

Being on time also makes a person responsible, respectable and trustworthy. Because people start liking the punctual man as he not only avoids wasting his time, but also shows respects towards others.

As we have seen, there are many benefits of being punctual. We have just touched upon few points here. In this article we are going to discuss what activities can be beneficial for making students punctual and be on time everywhere. This article is also helpful for  assignment writing services for the students who are searching about the punctuality topic.

Ways and activities for making students serious about punctuality:

There are many ways and activities that teachers and parents can arrange for making children realise the importance of punctuality and make it a habit to value time.

  • Show them practically rather than just asking them:

Children follow the foot steps easily but if you insist them only verbally for doing something, they will get annoyed rather than following your instructions. Parents and teachers are the one that children can follow blindly as they think whatever our parents and teachers do can never be wrong. So, parents should always be on time while doing a small task, and keep them telling their children about how precious every second is. Teachers are great influencers, students unconsciously follow them and their habits. So, being a teacher you should always be on time, and if you ever get late for any reason, then try to apologize for it so that students understand getting late sometimes is acceptable but it should not be made a habit.

  • Important lessons should be arranged earlier:

Another way to make students punctual is that schools should make sure the first lecture or class of the day is the most important one. So that students do not have the impression that getting a bit is quite OK because they do not have any loss.  The teachers also should enter the class before time and start lecture exactly on time so that students have idea that they will miss something important if they enter the class even two minutes late.

  • Appreciate those who value time:

Children like when they are appreciated for the little acts. They get motivated and encouraged to do even better. So parents and teachers should reward those children who always do their work on time. The children will know this way that the small acts make their elders happy. They also should get some kind of gifts or certificates at the end so that they struggle harder and children who do not value time also could get motivation.

  • Give a device or tool to count time:

Children should be handed over some kind of device or tool like clock, watch, or a calendar so that they can mark the time period they spend on completing a task. Parents can also ask them to perform a task in the given time period. This will help them realise how much time was enough for the task, and how much time have they wasted.

  • Plan a routine for children and make sure they follow it strictly:

Parents should set a time table or routine for their children. if not done so, children never like to study or eat or sleep, they will just keep on playing or wasting their time no matter how much tired they are. Making them realise about importance of time and how to manage it is really a difficult task but not something impossible. A little effort with your child will make his future brighter for sure. Because punctuality and discipline go side by side and both are very much important for a successful career and practical life of a person.


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