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Behaviour of Google Users

21 de Fevereiro de 2020, 12:05 , por Brian Morris - | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.

Search reason

(examples from Google Insights for Search, product research)
Search word input (who uses search engines? What is searched for?)

Search results
page (SERPS viewing history, click behavior)

(brand effect of an AdWords campaign)

(online purchases: influence of AdWords)

Officially, it says that the “Full Value of Search” should provide a better overview in online marketing. So far, however, only Google AdWords has been made more attractive and explains how Adwords helps with branding (and it does).

The studies can also be viewed from a different perspective:

Full Value of Search also provides confirmation that website and shop operators should focus much more on search engine optimization. Some examples:

Transactional search

The Google user is looking for a product that he wants to buy.

The potential customer or buyer will click on the vpn master review results from Google or only one of the first top 5 pages in the organic search results (SEO).

3 "Top Sponsored" Adwords

There are 3 Adwords ads over the natural results. The so-called “Top-Sponsored Adwords” changes the click behavior of the Google user as follows:

Due to the 3 "Top Sponsored" Adwords ads, the organic search results are less noticed and less than the half Google users click on position 4 or the positions below.

This means that if 3 Adwords ads appear above the normal results, it is only worthwhile to be listed in positions 1 to 3 in organic search (SEO).

No Adwords ads

The kick behavior without "Top Sponsored" Adwords ads with the search term "pkw".

Positions 4 and 5 can now play again. But from position 6 it looks bad again. As a rule of thumb, the more Adwords ads appear above the organic search results, the less the natural results are taken into account by Google users.

Number of search results pages viewed

Have you ever been to the third Google search results page? No? Good, because very few Google users do that.

According to Google's “ Full Value of Search ” look not more than 6% the user displays the 3rd or further search results pages.


The Google user has learned to google.

If the Google user has not found the right thing for the first time, he rephrases or specifies his request. The other search results pages are rarely clicked on.

It is simply no longer enough to be listed on Google with your own shop or website on position 10 or page 2, let alone page 3. The website is supposed to be found and that is only possible through targeted search engine optimization and the resulting top ranking.


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