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Recover aol account
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How to Recover AOL Account Password

January 22, 2020 8:38 , by Ashly Wilson - | No one following this article yet.
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AOL Mail is one of the best mail service used by millions of people from all around the world. There’s no doubt about the usefulness of AOL Mail as they’re providing some features. Contact our AOL Support , and our technicians will guide you through all the steps to Recover Forgot AOL Password. AOL Mail is being used by Americans since the internet came into existence. It’s one of the most trusted Mail services worldwide and offers full privacy. If AOL doesn’t let you reset your password, feel free to contact us via Call or Live Chat support.
Procedure to Reset AOL Email Account Password
Here are 3 ways to recover AOL Account: -
1. Registered Mobile Number
2. Registered Email Address
3. AOL Account Security Question
Way1: Registered Mobile Number
See the directions for AOL Account Recovery and Recover password via mobile: -
1. Turn-on the system.
2. Access the web browser & go to ‘AOL Account Login’ page.
3. Enter the ‘Username’ or ‘Phone Number’ associated with the AOL account.
4. Click the “Next” icon under the ‘Username’ or ‘Phone Number’ option.
5. This prompt user to a new page where users have to enter the password associated with the account.
6. To recover the password, click on the “I forgot my password” link under the “Sign in” option.
7. A new page will pop-up with an option to provide mobile number. Enter the mobile number and click on the “Yes, text me a verification code” icon.
8. This action will sent a verification code to the user on mobile via SMS.
9. Subsequently, type the verification code and press the “Continue” icon.
10. This will prompt user to a new page to enter new desired password and then, re-enter it for confirmation.
11. Finally, click on the “Save” icon to store the account modifications. If users face any problem in ‘How to Change AOL Password' then, we advise user to connect with the AOL Support USA.
Way2: Registered Email Address
It might be possible that AOL customer don’t remember the registered mobile phone number then, customer can also use the email address associated with it. Here are the steps with which AOL customers can recover the account using the email address: -
1. Choose the “I don’t have access to this number” link under the “Yes, text me verification code” icon.
2. Select the “Email verification code to my recovery email address” option.
3. Click the “Next” icon. A verification link will arrive at your associated email address.
4. Use this verification link to retrieve the password.
5. Finally, enter a new password as per your wish & click the “Save” icon to store the account modification details.
Way3: AOL Account Security Question
AOL Account Security Question is one of a different way to Recover AOL Account. In the beginning, AOL customers must have created or setup a security question with an answer as per his/her desire. Remember & provide the right answer again to authenticate that you’re a rightful owner of the account. This will enable the user to setup a new password for the AOL email account.

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