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International meeting Vienna, August 2012

May 13, 2016 18:14 , by Hewton Tavares - 0no comments yet | No one following this article yet.
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The last meeting of the preparatory phase took place in August 2012 in Vienna. It was co-hosted by the Institute for Art Education and the University for Applied Arts Vienna, inviting representatives from 16 international working groups to meet, discuss and finalise the framework of the project.

For the meeting, representatives of each working group were asked to submit a preliminary research proposal which were presented during the first two days of the meeting. These proposals were then discussed in sub groups, identifying common, trans-regional questions in the context the three guiding research questions of Another Roadmap.

Based on the discussion of these questions, groups then shared experiences about practices and methodologies to use in their research proposals. The aim of the meeting was to identify trans-regional areas of inquiry and a common methodological framework for the development of a joint project description.

As a result, seven areas of inquiry were identified that serve as a guide for both the collaborative efforts as well as the local research projects, which include: 

  • social justice commitments;
  • critical engagement with policy;
  • research practices and methodologies;
  • local meanings and competing discourses;
  • economy and economic relations;
  • local histories; and
  • knowledge systems.

Each of these areas of inquiry form a new common framework of research of Another Roadmap. The meeting ended in a session where information about possible sources of funding were shared and new strategies were discussed about how proposed research projects can be funded.

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