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* Another roadmap for arts education

Another Roadmap School


Another Roadmap School

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Another Roadmap School

June 15, 2015 14:59 , by Nora Landkammer - | 7 people following this article.

Festival programme

September 21, 2017 17:40, by Nora Landkammer

Download the full festival programme here

Africa Cluster Colloquium 2 Public event day 1 and 2

August 7, 2017 6:54, by Lineo Segoete

The Another Roadmap Africa Cluster held their Second Colloquium from 3-7 April, 2017. We reserved the Thursday and part of the Friday for public events hosted at the Wits University School of Arts and School of Education. 

schedule for the festival: save the date!

July 21, 2017 16:31, by Nora Landkammer

We are finetuning the festival programme - look forward to a week of meetings, workshops and storytelling! Here's the programme structure for your agenda!

intertwining hi/stories Arts Education Festival: october 2-7, Vienna

July 21, 2017 16:31, by Carla Bobadilla

Join us for the festival in Vienna on October 2-7!

Solidarity with the Secundaristas

November 11, 2016 15:06, by Nora Landkammer

We, the undersigned, an international group of artists, arts educators, activists, students and people gathered on the occasion of the event Permeable Practices-Curating and Education of the 32nd Bienal of São Paulo and Another Roadmap School stand in solidarity with the high school students (secundaristas) of Brazil in their occupation of their schools in protest against their government´s proposal to reform secondary education and to amend the constitution in such a way that will decrease social rights, including education.