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* Another roadmap for arts education

Another Roadmap School


Another Roadmap School

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April 10, 2016 14:45 , by Nora Landkammer - | No one following this article yet.
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Forms of participation

November 11, 2016 17:56, by Nora Landkammer

If you are interested in the activities of the Another Roadmap School, join the community on the web platform! You will be notified about all news published and events taking place, can get in touch with colleagues and share your work on your profile. The web platform is aimed to be a place for exchange for a growing international community of critical art educators and researchers.

Structure and decisionmaking

November 11, 2016 16:38, by Nora Landkammer

The working groups of the School not only share a strong commitment to transformative action in Arts Education, but an equally strong need for reflexivity concerning the forms of knowledge production and exchange in current global conditions. The following questions arose:

project presentation

August 21, 2016 3:00, by Nora Landkammer

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About Another Roadmap School

May 1, 2016 18:00, by Nora Landkammer

The international network Another Roadmap for Arts Education is an association of practitioners and researchers working towards art education as an engaged practice in museums, cultural institutions, educational centres and grass-roots organisations in twenty-two cities on four continents. We view arts education as deeply embedded in social and political contexts – but also as a possibility to question and transform the social.