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* Another roadmap for arts education

Africa Cluster


Africa Cluster

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April 10, 2016 22:55 , by Nora Landkammer - | 3 people following this article.

Another Roadmap Africa Cluster

May 31, 2016 3:00, by Nora Landkammer

The Another Roadmap Africa Cluster consists of a group of scholars and practitioners of artistic and cultural education who are working in both formal and informal contexts within the African continent. Together they are collaborating to pursue a joint programme of research into arts educational practices in their respective localities within Africa. Their research is critically informed and grounded in historical analysis, particularly with respect to Africa’s colonial heritage. The group’s aim is to build a shared knowledge base and a structure of mutual learning that will benefit African practitioners and contribute to advances in thinking and practice worldwide.

Inaugural meeting of the Another Roadmap Africa Cluster

May 1, 2016 3:00, by Nora Landkammer

23 – 25 July 2015