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Colloquium 3

November 28, 2017 13:00 , by Lineo Segoete - 0no comments yet | No one attending this event yet.
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from January 7 to 13, 2018

The 3rd Colloquium gathering of the Another Roadmap Africa Cluster (ARAC) will take place in Maseru, Lesotho from 7-13 January 2018. The aim for this meeting is to present prototypes of learning units for arts education that ARAC working groups have been developing. In this context, learning units are considered resources for implementing educational activities in which local experience and knowledge are pedagogically centered, as opposed to traditional Eurocentric curriculum models. Through presentations and conversations, ARAC members will refine their learning units by wading through critical literacies, colonial legacies, vernacular communications and modes of instruction.

This colloquium coincides with the 5th Ba re e ne re Literature Festival in Maseru, and in this vein, all visiting ARAC members will be invited to share knowledges and practices with Lesotho’s arts community as part of a public festival programme. ARAC members will also have an opportunity co-create site specific artworks with local artists in Maseru. Through their active engagement with each other and local community members in Maseru, ARAC representatives will further strengthen partnerships across regions and re-center multifaceted Southern African histories and perspectives in arts education practice. 

Representatives of ARAC based in the SADC region are designing and hosting this gathering and festival in Maseru, and will oversee the programmes by leading sessions, offering pedagogical tools, and sharing regional insights.


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