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Adam Cohen

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Popular in college
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How to Be Popular in College: 4 Simple Principles to Follow

octubre 4, 2019 14:07 , por Adam Cohen - | No one following this article yet.

Your admission to college can be your chance to start a new life, building your reputation from scratch. You do not want to miss this opportunity to become a popular student, do you?
The following hints on how to be popular in college will teach you the basics of college awesomeness and can become a perfect action plan for freshmen – and even senior students can use it with success too.

Learn the Basics of College Awesomeness

  1. Create the Right Conditions. College graduates who share their secrets on how to be popular in college recommend that you should prepare a happy ground for your future awesomeness as soon as possible. This is why, during your first week on campus, you have not much time for chilling out. All the vacant “positions” of popular guys and girls will be filled in soon. Hurry up and make the following preparations:
    • SPORT – include it into your schedule (check out the college gym, swimming pool, etc.), because it will improve your health, looks and confidence.
    • FRATERNITIES or SORORITIES – choose one of them, but only if it has a decent history (ask older students or check out the college forum). Note that, sometimes, rituals at these organizations may be simply disgusting or even dangerous. Hazing still remains a serious issue on some campuses. Remember that membership in a brother- or sisterhood can boost your college popularity, but it is not a must.
    • HOBBIES – choose a unique hobby matching your interests and personal qualities (for example, collecting rare coins or volunteering at the shelter for homeless animals.) Everyone will love you for it, if you truly enjoy it too.
    • APPEARANCE – take care of your clothes, shoes, hair, nails and accessories. This does not mean spending too much money. Use your common sense, creativity and unique taste and you will look awesome.
  2. Build Contacts. Do not stay in your isolated dorm room. You will be able to nurture your homesickness, play your favorite video games or update your Facebook status later. For now however, forget about staying in your room and go instead into the hall of your dormitory to meet new people and build new contacts. But be selective in making friends – do not make friends only because you feel that you will need somebody to talk to during a coffee break. Look for your soul mates and you will find them!
  3. Be Active. Is everyone in your group trying to hide underneath their desks when a tutor asks a question? Fear not to be the only one to raise your hand and save the situation, expressing your opinion. Do not be afraid of making decisions and taking the responsibility - this is exactly what leaders and winners do! You will not earn the respect of others if you are passive in class and you are looking for a place to pay someone to write an essay in 3 hours.
  4. Use Your Humor. Laughter and humor can be good for not only your health and quality of life, but also your reputation profile and college rating. Try to be optimistic and practice irony and sarcasm in all kinds of college situations.

So, now you already know how to be popular at college. Believe in yourself and just do it!

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