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List Of Tourist Attraction in North Sumatra

January 1, 2016 5:16 , by Sumatra Tours Travel - | No one following this article yet.
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Lake Toba is expected to experts formed after the eruption of a super volcano about 75 thousand years ago. At that time, an estimated 2.8 million m3 of volcanic material spewed out of Mount Toba erupted, until the volcanic dust in the wind spread to half of Earth. The explosion occurred during 1 week and throw the dust up to 10 kilometers above sea level.

Communities around Lake Toba Toba believe is the residence Namborru - seven ancestor goddesses of Batak Tribe. If the Batak tribe will perform a ceremony around the lake, then they must pray and ask permission beforehand Namborru.

Lake Toba is teluas lake in Southeast Asia, and the second largest after Lake Victoria in Africa. Formed from the eruption of Mount Toba, resulting crater area of ​​1,145 km2, with depths up to 450 m. Atmosphere refreshing cool air, clear blue expanse of water, and the enchanting view of the green mountains is a giant lake located 900 meters above the sea level.


Samosir Island is located in the middle of Lake Toba, is a volcanic island with a height of 1,000 m above sea level, has an area almost equal to the state of Singapore. Although it has become a tourist destination for a long time, can even be regarded as the icon of tourist attractions in North Sumatra, Samosir Island can be said still has unspoiled natural beauty.

Samosir Island in the middle is still there more two beautiful lakes named Lake and Lake Aek Sidihoni Natonang. The area around Lake Toba has pine forests are arranged beautiful. On the outskirts of Lake Toba, there are several waterfalls are extremely fascinating. Around Lake Toba you will also find water baths belarang. The island is also known as Lake Debata offers the natural beauty of verdant hills, crystal clear lake water, and fresh air.


Tourist attractions Snow Heat Dolok High King is located in the village of Dolok High King, North Sumatra. Heat snow Dolok High King is an area of ​​limestone hills, resembling a lake, and has a ground color yan gunik, which is colored white to resemble snow.

Snow in the middle of summer Dolok High King, there is a hot water lake turquoise. Heat snow Dolok High King is one of the tourist attractions in North Sumatra who have not known but very interesting to visit. News tilt, based on information from the blog-walking, the condition of the road to the Snow King Heat Dolok High quality is not supportive, even many locals asking for money.

LAKE rolled

Linting lake located in the village Sibunga-interest Downstream, District STM Hulu, Deli Serdang, is approximately 2 hours drive from Medan. Linting lake is one of the unique lake that can be visited around the city of Medan. Unique because the water is green and blue, which are the surrounding rock.

Linting lake is a volcanic lake with a size of about 1 hectare and containing sulfur so that the water is colored greenish color. If you want to swim beware because Linting lake has enough water in the estimated depth of over 100 meters.

Small lake which has a soothing feel of this disekelingnya there are trees with roots that long, mystical at the same time fascinating.


Waterfall Aek Sijornih - Batak language that has meaning clear water - located in the village of Aek Libung, Aek Sijornih, South Tapanuli. This waterfall is a tourist spot in North Sumatra. Aek Sijornih is composed of two small waterfalls that pass through the cliff side with lime content. The place is not so popular, and therefore be the beginner. The second source of this waterfall coming from the hills surrounding springs District of Batang Angkola and Vegetable Matinggi. That said, during the rainy season, water sources containing lime in the hills was never cloudy. Being in the dry season, rain water actually increased.

This waterfall has a height of 10 m prominence and surrounded by palm trees that grow around there even in the middle of the waterfall. In the first waterfall flow is allowed to flow in the form of small trenches, while a greater flow accommodated in artificial ponds for bathing. The pools were divided into two, large, and there are small. Small is made with a depth of half a meter for children, while large with a depth of more than one meter for adults. From the adult pool, visitors can get on to trace the flow of the river and can choose a comfortable place.

Mount Leuser National Park

Mount Leuser National Park is a nature conservation area which is located at 2 North Sumatra province and Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam. In addition to functioning as a natural conservation area, Gunung Leuser National Park is also home to nature in North Sumatra that is quite interesting because of the diversity of fauna and flora. Mount Leuser National Park is perfect for quiet from the everyday city atmosphere that we usually feel.


Tangkahan an area that is included in the Gunung Leuser National Park, North Sumatra. Travel Tangkahanberupa wild jungle trekking, cave bats, cubbing, elephant trekking and waterfalls or just bathe in the river with a beautiful view of the mountains. Tangkahan is one of the eco-tourism in Indonesia.

With this form of hilly land, lush tropical forests, and a cool atmosphere, Tangkahan is suitable for nature lovers. Activities you can do in Tangkahan is swimming, trekking, elephant ride, enter the cave bats, playing in a waterfall, and others.

Hillpark and articles

Hillpark and articles is a recreational park that has many types of games, can be regarded as his Dufan North Sumatra. Located in the village of Suka Makmur and articles, Deli Serdang. Hillpark and articles is one of the largest game parks in Sumatra Tours with an area of ​​approximately 20 hectares, with a variety of games crate waterpark, waterboom, rollercoaster, Ferris wheel, and so on.

As the name implies, Hillpark and articles in the mountainous areas which have a height of about 550 meters above sea level so it has a pretty cool air.


Waterfall Lake Dwi colors in the forest and articles. High waterfall about 100 meters, as the name implies has two different colors; that one waterfall blue cold temperature. The other one is not far from the first waterfall there is a waterfall that is warm white. Waterfalls Ponds and articles have Dwi Colour white to gray and light blue for the content of phosphorus and sulfur has.

To get to the lake two colors took 3 hours away by foot exploring the woods of the Park and articles. Tired of traveling for 3 hours by foot through the mountains and hills, steep downhill road, as well as through the woods will be paid off when he saw the beauty of the waterfall Two Colors. If you want to get there you should hire a tour guide / ranger forest in order not to get lost.

These attractions suitable for camping. , To be able to reach the location of Niagara Telaga Dwi Color and articles, you will pass through the woods so prepare yourself beforehand. If the fear of getting lost, you can hire a guide.


Lake Lau Kawar, with blue waters, located at the foot of Mount Sinabung, North Sumatra. Lake Lau Kawar has an area of ​​approximately 200 hectares. Although smaller than Lake Toba, Lake Lau Kawar has a beautiful atmosphere with lots of green trees at the foot of the mountain so that no less beautiful than Lake Toba. Edge of Lake Lau Kawar often used by the group camping, rest while climbing Mount Sinabung. In addition we can also see some people fishing in the middle of the lake with a small boat.


Sibayak or Mountain King, is an active volcano as high as 2,095 m, which is located in District Berastagi, Karo. To mencapapai this place, required travel time by car, about two hours from the city of Medan. Inside the crater of Mount Sibayak which has a diameter of 200 m, there are rocks which emit smoke.

Sibayak nearest path from the village of King Berneh (Spirit Mountain) Simpang Empat, Tanah Karo (60 KM from the city of Medan). To reach there, one path through the Spirit Mountain Village (Village King Berneh). It was a beautiful village with a panoramic expanse of natural and plantation vegetables, ornamentals and fruits. Patterned society agrarian society, which still adhered to the ancestral traditions with multicultural social life. On the way to Mount Sibayak, along the way will look traditional sights, such as traditional houses Batak Karo which had been around 250 years old. At the foot of Mount Sibayak there are hot springs frequented by visitors. Steam water contains sulfur, so it smelled a little sting. Natural conditions is still natural, trees full of bamboo and rattan. For directions to the summit, hikers can pass the path as an official track climbing.

Other lines of Berastagi, which is approximately 77 km from Medan, can be reached in less than two hours by driving a two-wheeled vehicle or four. Therefore, this location is one of the major tourist destinations in Karo, thus not difficult to find lodging in the village of jasmine class Spirit Mountain or five-star hotel. Restaurants and food stalls also around Berastagi. From the summit of Mount Sibayak, tourists rewarded with a beautiful view of the city of Medan and Berastagi Plateau. Brastagih cold atmosphere like Bandung and also as Bogor, cool and airy.

Mount Gundaling

Gundaling hill is one of the tourist attractions in North Sumatra, which lies approximately 60 km from the city of Medan, and is approximately 3 km from the city center Brastagih. Berastagi is located in the suburbs, Mount Gundaling at an altitude of 1,575 m above sea level.

Gundaling tourist sites have been known since the Dutch colonial era as a place of recreation that is exciting. According to local stories, the origin of why so-called "Gundaling" incident stems from a foreign soldier who lost a beloved weapon on a hill. That in the end the foreign army wrote a sentence "Darling Gun" the peak of the hill as a form of expression of grief. Believe it or not, but that's the story of the origin of the hill "Gundaling". Walk while along the crest of the hill Gundaling that in tumbuhi pine trees will be a sensation of its own and fun for visitors because visitors can enjoy the air is so cool and refreshing, not only pines course, here too there is a garden overgrown with flowers Beautiful and human statues dressed in typical traditional Karo Batak tribe.

Gundaling now known as the city of Passion Fruit and Orange Sweet in Berastagi which is an area that is cool and has a beautiful expanse of agricultural fields, spacious and green.


Sigura-Gura Falls is the highest waterfall in Indonesia with a height of about 250 meters. Located in the district of Toba Samosir, located not far from Lake Toba, and from information blogging walk, the waterfall is sourced from Lake Toba. The place is quite crowded with tourists, both local and macanegara. Usually those who come to Lake Toba, took a visit to the highest waterfalls Sigura this Gura.

Sipiso PISO

Sipiso-piso is located in the Sub Brand, Karo, North Sumatra, Indonesia. This district is located about 24 km from the city Kabanjahe, the capital of Karo. Sipiso piso separated by only a distance of 35 km from the resort town of Berastagi, Karo, and requires only about 45 minutes from the city of Medan, the capital of North Sumatra province, Sipiso-piso proven to elevate the reputation of Karo as one of the destination travelers domestic and foreign. This waterfall is located at an altitude of approximately 800 meters above sea level (asl) and is surrounded by green hills because overgrown pine forests.

Sipiso piso is a natural tourism area that is located not far from the settlement community Tongging Village, Sub Brand, Karo. By visiting the village Tongging, you will enjoy the beautiful landscape as a tourist area in the village of Tao Silalahi that are nearby. Before enjoying the waterfall up close, we will be treated to beautiful views of Tanah Karo view post at the top of the hill, the starting point Sipiso flow-piso. From the top of the hill surrounding the Sipiso-piso this we can see the beauty of the landscape of Lake Toba, a volcanic lake in the world's second largest.

Lagundri BEACH AND Sorake


Lagundri beach and Sorake are 2 beaches that are within the coastline. Distance of the two beaches was only two kilometers. Lagundri beach and located in the village Sorake Botohilitano, Teluk Dalam, South Nias, North Sumatra Province. Both beaches are already famous among domestic and foreign professional surfers. Surfing sports enthusiast from abroad beduyun-throngs gathered on the beach this April to September each year.

The lovers of surfing was crazy because the folds of a wave whose height is able to reach 7 to 10 meters with five levels. In addition, the length of the thrust of the waves in this region in fact can reach 200 meters. It would be more interesting and challenging waves on arrival of the full moon. One that makes waves in this Lagundri is ideal for windsurfing because of its location facing the Indonesian Ocean and is also a meeting place for the bay so the waves will be large flow. Lagundri beach has several times the site of surfing competitions both nationally and internationally. Nias Open is one of the championship is regularly held where hundreds of foreign surfers mainly from Australia so dominate the seas.

Besides the two beaches in Nias earlier, still had the Sumatra Travel Surfing ust another location, namely in Lampung, Sumatra West Coast. 


Sembahe river, a river located in District Sibolangit, Deli Serdang, North Sumatra. To reach this river, can be reached using a motor vehicle from Medan to Berastagi. Sembahe in river flow, made of natural baths kemudain anam given as the name of the river. To get to this Sembahe Natural bath is not difficult because, located alongside a highway terrain-Berastagi, and only takes about 1 hour journey.

The village became a tourist village since the middle of the river flowing Lau Prickly tipped from Mountain Hill ranks in the district and surrounding karo so that this village becomes the natural attractions that many dikunjung everyone. The landscape around the river in the form of green trees and large rocks. This river flows are also often used as a rafting for children about playing in this river. But visitors need to be aware of the existence of flood that appear suddenly when it rains upstream.


Goa kemanng found people in the Dutch colonial era. Many people are trying to move this stone, including the Dutch colony itself. However, none of whom is able to lift it. People - primitive people around the village later this stone worship, offerings also pleaded usher in Stone's request, since that time the village is nicknamed the Sembahe the village in Karo language means worship it.

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Kemang cave shape is indeed unique. This stone mengerecut like a triangle, then in the middle there is a box-shaped hole, measuring 50 x 50 cm. From the hole we can see the contents inside the cave, there is a floor as rest rooms made by humans. There is writing on the front - the ancient writings on the upper door of the cave. This possibility is writing karo original language because it is similar to the Arabic writing. On the back of the stone there are two small reliefs such as the human form. Precisely on the right and the back of the stone. The local community believes this is the figure of the relief of the Umang.

North Sumatra government is now set Kemang Cave Site, as a cultural and historical tourism. As it is written in front of the fence section "Site Cave Kemang (Batu Caves), Office of the Ministry of Education and Culture of North Sumatra Province

Goa legend Kemang

Narrated, in antiquity there was a grandfather farmer who wants to open a field in Kampung Rambutan Uruk (now renamed Sembahe), Karo. This grandfather (Bolang - which means grandfather in Karo language) to open the fields for planting. Sat to the location, the Bolang surprise when seeing Umang - in Karo language means Jin or spirits benukuran small inverted heel was passing around the place to be turned into fields. Road.

Long story short, this Umang Bolang willing to help them to open up, membersikan and cultivating. Umang precondition to Bolang so do not tell anyone else about this, and Bolang is also forbidden to bring women and young children to the place. Bolang Umang agreed terms proposed. Fields containing shrubs and even then finally cleared in one day, thanks to the help Umang.

When Bolang returned home and told me that the fields have been cleared and tilled, she was surprised and suspicious. Then the next day quietly wife followed Bolang to the field. His wife's astonishment at the sight of these tiny creatures work the land. Umang know where his wife is upset and perceive Bolang bolang broken promises, so the deal is void. Land has been tilled back to normal. Bolang who knew that angry with his wife.

Bolang back the next day to see Umang forestry, but Bolang only find a large boulder with a hole 50 x 50 middle .Batu is believed to be the residence of Umang and named Goa Kemang.

Thus Friend elora, article entitled LIST OF THE EXOTIC TRAVEL IN NORTH SUMATRA , may be useful.

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