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Cairo working group

July 4, 2016 3:00 , by Regina Vogel - 0no comments yet | No one following this article yet.
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The Cairo Working Group, Andrea Thal and Hussein El-Hajj, are planning to research and develop concepts and practices of art education and mediation with a critical perspective and awareness for local relevance. In a first step the Cairo Working Group will form an ongoing larger group of local practitioners to research and discuss policy papers as well as recent historic material related to art education in the region. Based on these conversation Contemporary Image Collective aims to conceptualize a series of public lectures, discussions and workshops on the topic whilst in parallel committing to a extended engagement with critical art education and mediation practices as part of our general activities. We particularly intend to question the prevalence of Western models of education, related curricula development and teaching methodologies and the increasing commercialization of art education and the contemporary art sector. Contemporary Image Collective is a Cairo based non-profit contemporary art institution with a specific interest in contemporary image practices and related critical reflections. Contemporary Image Collective aims to create awareness for contemporary art practices that address and actively engage in socially relevant topics and makes related materials and resources accessible to the public. Through longterm research projects and smaller-scale discursive events and educational activities such as workshops, exhibitions, screenings, discussions, and symposia Contemporary Image Collective creates a space for experimentation, knowledge exchange, showing and discussing works of art and artistic production.

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